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stillness in vertigo

4 July
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I'm translucent as a pond filled with songs of shells and the howling of the wind.

I can be mercurial and calm, fiend or friend, ying or yang.

I've always found it frustrating trying to stuff people into neat lil boxes so i can understand them better; know them at a glance. But they always shift hues, morph into shapes...like me. So I rather not be boxed into a few neat words.

I'd rather be experienced first-hand.
abstract art, bouncy children, buffy the vampire slayer, connection between souls, conversations over coffee, dandelions, deep friendships, dharma, god..., guitar, high fidelity, john cusack, laughter, meadows, men, old-yellowing-pages-books, pastel painting, peach horizons, pesto, proseflowingfluid, sharing thoughts, slimy-fuzzy-creatures, songs in the wind, sunsets, tinkling, violin voice, willow and tara, women