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Nov. 3rd, 2006 @ 08:19 am Energy and Love
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Yesterday i met up with Karen and Nerissa, then jude and rhea came along. It's a bit weird. For the first time we are with our friends and we are not an "us" anymore. And I am sort of getting this vibe of her wanting to distance herself cuz when i gave an "unsolicited hug" she sat there and didn't move... but it feels good to hug her.

and when nerissa went to the john, we got to talk privately a bit.. i stroked her hand.. a hand that knew hard work and caring for other people.. a hand that cupped my cheek countless of times and made me feel loved and beautiful.. i can't help thanking her.. then i think i mouthed the words "i love you" but i stopped myself..

where did that came from? i wasn't planning to tell her that.. but my heart felt like it.. and in practice of LEAP, I am trying to be less cerebral and listen to my heart more.. so if heart wants to say that then fine.

I told nerissa about this mini-crush i have in one of my team mates in LEAP.. i was sort of intrigued by her.. so i googled her and found out she is a tv personality, and this is where "attract what you think" comes in because trish called me yesterday arranging for a meet up cuz she wants to discuss about foundation work.

So after my council meeting yesterday.. which was very enlightening and freeing (we did a lot of clarification why we chose our goals, what value it is to us).. trish dropped by and had dinner with all of us.. di pala sya pretty pag naka-make up... we also bonded with two other coaches over pizza.. it was fun and energizing to be with "can-do-anything" kind of people...

Rhea texted me last night and she's really into the success culture.. she is hungry for learning and i think she is at a precipice of discovering her own greatness.

nerissa is discovering her love of self by falling in love deeply with another human being..

si jude, nag-improve ng presentation of self to others.. i can see he is happy. corny pero i want everyone to feel happy. life is too short to be spent in misery.

thank you Lord for my family and friends.
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